Local Woman’s Breasts Breathe Sigh of Relief after being Released from Quarantine

Local Woman’s Breasts Breathe Sigh of Relief after being Released from Quarantine 

By Amanda Averell

Millions of breasts across America breathed a sigh of relief on Monday, March 16th. 2020 as they were released from isolation. A lovely pair of tits, Petunia & Penelope shared their story. 

The morning started like any other Monday. Kendall Jones, a 28 year old Marketing Manager from Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania woke up at 7:30am and took her usual 15 minute shower. She put on a pair of gym shorts & a t-shirt- no bra to be found. 

Right breast, Petunia was astounded. 

“At first, I was really scared. I didn’t know what to do or where I could go.”

“It felt like we time traveled,” remarked Penelope. 

“You ever wake up and think it’s a weekday but it turns out to be the weekend? That’s exactly what this felt like.”

Alas, there was no bending of the space time continuum. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Kendall is now forced to work from home. Something her breasts couldn’t be happier about. 

“My nipple was itchy earlier, and she scratched it without even giving a second thought. It was the best scratch I’ve had in a long time.” Petunia noted about her day out on the town. 

Penelope took time out of her day for self discovery. “I’ve always been a bit larger than my sister and it’s made me self conscious.” Penelope said sheepishly as she turned toward the left armpit. “It was nice not to try to cram myself into my sister’s perfect mold. It was nice to just be me and hang out.”

Later that day Petunia & Penelope received some exciting news, Kendall now has to work from home for at least the next month. 

“I really just want to go outside and feel the breeze in my hair.” Penelope chimed in. 

Petunia & Penelope are not alone, millions of mammories are out and about as this Covid-19 problem has women retreating indoors. The sisters can move freely, without fear of being restrained.