Writing Prompts

Hey folks!

To get our creative gears grinding while we’re all “Social Distancing” I thought it would be cool to start posting writing prompts everyday. These can be used for whatever you like; comedy, fiction, follow your heart!

Remember, this writing doesn’t have to yield anything. It’s just an exercise to keep the muscles loose.

  1. 3/16/2020 – Happy 3:16 Day to all my other wrestling nerds! Stone Cold Steve Austin’s favorite food is BEER. Think about your favorite food and how you would describe it. Create a list and use all the adjectives you can muster. Use sensory words! Spend 5 minutes creating the list. Bonus points if spend another 10 minutes crafting a piece using some of these words.
  2. 3/17/2020 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Was there ever a time in your life when you thought you were lucky, and as it turns out, you weren’t? Well, put pen to paper and write about it! Start with an outline to help you find the beginning, middle & end of your adventure. Below is a story arc graphic I made that should take you back to English class. Story Arc
  3. 3/18/2020 – Comedians often use the phrases, “Today” or “The other day” when setting up a joke. Find something you’ve written where you use this trope and remove it. See if the joke can still stand on it’s own or if you can find a more creative set up. For non-comics you can do the same thing with your work, just remove the time aspect. Let’s see if we can make our writing feel more evergreen.
  4. 3/19/2020 – Imagine you’re a blade of grass. Describe yourself as the grass and what a day is like for you. Some things to consider: Are you healthy or dehydrated? Are you in an urban, suburban or rural area? What are some other creatures you come across? Are you in danger of anything?
  5. 3/20/2020 – We all have that 1 character that we hate. There’s something about them that elicits that emotion. Write down all the reasons why you hate a character, write as though you got to tell them these things to their face. Be ruthless.
  6. 3/21/2020 – Write a Haiku. A Haiku is a style of poetry that originated in Japan. Structurally, it is a 5 syllable line, 7 syllable line & another 5 syllable line. No rhyme scheme necessary!
  7. 3/22/2020 – Hey folks! One thing that really helps me when I feel like I’ve been lazy or inactive is writing a “To DONE” list. This is a list of all of the things I’ve done in the day. Waking up, eating, whatever it is goes on the list! Write one of these today and every day to help feel more accomplished. This has helped me more than almost anything else.
  8. 3/23/2020 – Take one of the last text messages you sent and write a story based on that message. No length requirement, just write a story.
  9. 3/24/2020 – Write about your first job. Any style or format is fine. It doesn’t have to be funny, just write about it.
  10. 3/25/2020 – From your bed, listen to the world outside. Write about what you hear.
  11. 3/26/2020 – The world feels like a very different place for a lot of us. Write about a time when you were lost. Interpret this how ever you like.
  12. 3/27/2020 – Write about a toy you had growing up.
  13. 3/28/2020 – I’ve noticed a lot of my friends talking about how their sleep has changed. Honestly, mine has also been terrible, but I have been dreaming a lot more. Write about a dream you had recently.
  14. 3/29/2020 – Write about a person who inspires you.
  15. 3/30/2020 – Late night prompt! Write down 5 things that you’re grateful for today. Be as specific as possible.
  16. 3/31/2020 – What is the one piece of advice you could give your younger self? Write it out!
  17. 4/1/2020 – Happy April Fool’s Day! Write about a time you pulled a funny prank on someone.
  18. 4/2/2020 – Ever since I was a kid I would make up different lyrics for songs. So today try and come up with different lyrics to a song. A song parody if you will. It doesn’t need to be funny, heck it can even be educational or just something new to wash your hands to. Below is a parody music video I made a few years ago, check it out for some inspiration. Hangry Not Hungry by Amanda Averell (Parody of Sorry (Not Sorry) by Demi Lovato)
  19. 4/3/2020 – Pretend you’re learning how to play your favorite sport for the first time. What would you teach a novice?
  20. 4/4/2020 – Every comic has a family member or friend that’s said, “Hey, you could use this as one of your bits.” Usually, we scoff at that person (sorry). But try and take one of their ideas and write it into a bit or story.
  21. 4/5/2020 – I don’t have a green thumb but I do like to take care of my house plants and grow an herb garden every year. Write about something that you like to do that brings you back to nature and how it makes you feel.
  22. 4/6/2020 – I’m gonna brag for a second. I had a pretty amazing weekend. I watched stuff that I really like- Wrestlemania, Shark WeekEND and Onward, I went for walks, I made myself coffee, and I talked to friends & family. Write about what your ideal day looks like. A lot of people have this exercise in self help style books so there’s plenty of inspiration to be found online. But getting up a little earlier, making coffee & drinking it while on my walk might be new parts of my ideal day & morning routine.
  23. 4/7/2020 – Write about your biggest goal.
  24. 4/8/2020 – Last night there were some wicked storms in the area. Write about a weather event that had a effect on you.
  25. 4/9/2020 – If you had a time machine, where in time would you travel back to and why? Please don’t say you’d go back in time to kill Hitler, it’s a hack premise.
  26. 4/10/2020 – Are you a rural, urban or suburban person? Now imagine yourself living in a different setting.
  27. 4/11/2020 – I miss trying new restaurants. Write about a time you went out to eat and things did not go as planned.
  28. 4/12/2020 – Your olfactory sense can be a huge trigger. If I smell cooked celery, I get nauseous. The lobby of the Polynesian Resort lobby in Disney World is one of my favorite smells. Describe a smell that you love, or a smell that you hate.
  29. 4/13/2020 – My motivation has been lacking a bit. Write about what motivates you.
  30. 4/14/2020 – Write about a chore or task you hate and how you get through it.
  31. 4/15/2020 – A lot of folks have jobs & careers that are fluid or in a state of transition, myself included. Write about your dream job/career.
  32. 4/16/2020 – Controversial Topic: I don’t believe it’s possible to live a life without regret. Write about something you regret doing or not doing, saying or not saying. How do you think it would’ve changed things for you internally? You can day dream about external changes if you want, but the internal changes are more interesting.
  33. 4/17/2020 – When I watch my nephew I now also have to do homeschooling for him. Write about a teacher who had an impact on your life.
  34. 4/18/2020 – A lot of folks are struggling right now. Write about what you’re currently struggling with or about a time you were struggling.
  35. 4/19/2020 – My trick to being productive is putting on shoes. What trick do you use to get your mind & body moving?
  36. 4/20/2020 – Write about what helps you unwind. If you can do that thing today, do it!
  37. 4/21/2020 – Writing prompt as suggested by my boyfriend: “Tell me a good fart story.” Good doesn’t mean that the story didn’t end in disaster, just make sure the story is riveting.
  38. 4/22/2020 – Write about a pet peeve you have that a roommate or significant other would do CONSTANTLY.
  39. 4/23/2020 – Write about a word that you love.
  40. 4/24/2020 – What do you think it feels like to be in space? Describe the mental, physical & emotional feelings.
  41. 4/25/2020 – Take a character or person from a show you’ve been binge watching and write them into a totally different environment.
  42. 4/26/2020 – I’m the older sister, and growing up I was the bigger sister. I never got any hand me downs. Write about something you were “handed down” and how you felt about it.
  43. 4/27/2020 – Before you go to sleep tonight, write about a time you just rolled with the punches.
  44. 4/28/2020 – Write a list of names and attributes you associate with them. It can come in handy when developing characters or bits.
  45. 4/29/2020 – The highways are eerily empty. Write about how you’re driving in this situation.
  46. 5/1/2020 – Yesterday, I broke the chain. I let someone who isn’t worth my time and energy take that space and it made me forget all about doing what I’ve been so good at doing. Honestly, this is also a huge part of taking care of myself too. That being said I’m delivering 2 prompts today. For the first one, write about a time where you allowed someone who isn’t worth your energy take that energy from you.
  47. 5/1/2020 – Write about a time you tried to do something altruistic and it went awry.
  48. 5/2/2020 – Write about the weirdest DM or message that a stranger has sent to you.
  49. 5/3/2020 – It’s a beautiful day outside, but sometimes you just want to stay in. Share a FOMO experience where you decided to stay home and later regretted it.
  50. 5/4/2020 – Write about something that energizes you.
  51. 5/5/2020 – Happy Cinco de Mayo! Write about a tradition or holiday outside of your culture that you enjoy.
  52. 5/6/2020 – Write about a childhood pet that you or a friend had. What adventures did they go on?
  53. 5/7/2020 –  If you were a fruit or a vegetable which one would you be and why?
  54. 5/8/2020 – Imagine you’re at your favorite band’s concert. Describe both the external and your internal energy.
  55. 5/9/2020 – Write about an irrational fear. It doesn’t have to be your fear, but a fear.